About US

Our team at InterPRO BioscienceTM consists of clinical research professionals with more than 20 years of experience in multiple sclerosis (MS) alongside technology experts who work extensively with mobile web-based applications and data platforms for patient-reported outcomes (PROs). Together we strive to create tools that support healthcare professionals and their patients.

What We Do

MS Care Connect, a comprehensive patient-reported outcomes (PRO) platform, prompts patients to monitor, track, and record their health and functioning over time. Associated dashboards developed for patients and physicians provide access to real-time data visualizations and permit comparisons of individual, practice-level, and population MS outcomes vs. aggregate, anonymous data.

  • Shares results across industry leaders to support goal of enhancing disease treatment paradigm
  • Optimizes the patient-physician relationship by giving patients ability to share all aspects of disease with their doctors
  • Maximizes patient-physician relationships and increases impact of office visits
  • Features include relapse tracker, health tracker, performance metrics, PRO surveys, patient educational tips, and heat alerts

Our patient app is now available for download!

For more information about MS Care ConnectTM, please visit www.mscareconnect.com/#/contact.